New online marketplace lets outdoor enthusiasts buy, sell, and upgrade gear

CHARLESTON, SC – Do you have outdoor gear collecting dust in your closet or garage? Now you can trade that idle equipment in for cash, or even upgraded equipment, by pointing your computer to

ReelTrail is a new online marketplace designed for outdoor enthusiasts that makes the process of selling outdoor gear fast and easy. Visitors to ReelTrail will find a wide array of equipment already for sale, from fishing reels, to sailing equipment, to hunting clothes, and more.

The ReelTrail platform is the outgrowth of small, outdoor gear consignment store located in Charleston, South Carolina. Owner Ryan Leaphart says that ReelTrail was born out of frustration, “Dealing with sites like eBay and Craigslist were a huge pain, and the fees never ended. We needed a market tailored to outdoorsmen/women enthusiasts. So, we put our noggins together and decided how we could get a simple solution in everyone's hands.”

ReelTrail is available anywhere in the world, thanks to the freely downloadable app, available for iPhone, iPad, and Android from the Apple App or Google Play stores. Want to sell some camping furniture or skiing equipment? You can create a listing in less than a minute. You can also print shipping labels from the app and website.

Because ReelTrail is solely for outdoor gear, the company is more seller-friendly than other all-purpose sites. To list outdoor gear on eBay, you’ll pay 10-12% of your sale. Amazon takes a 15% cut. But ReelTrail’s maximum fee is 4 %. Unlike other companies, ReelTrail sellers only pay the fee when their items are purchased.

ReelTrail prides itself on having full transparency about payments and fees. The website provides clear information about different subscription levels and guarantees that sellers can list as many items as they wish without the fear of any hidden fees.

A bonus feature for ReelTrail users is that they can advertise services on the site, including guided activities, lessons, or adventure trips. The company does not charge insertion fees for those listings.

Download the ReelTrail app from the Apple or Google Play Stores. Follow us on one of our social media platforms: Instagram@reeltrail; Facebook: at ReelTrail; or check out our Youtube channel:

ReelTrail is headquartered in Charleston, South Carolina, and is owned and operated by outdoor enthusiasts who are excited to offer ReelTrail to the rest of the outdoor world. The company makes it a part of their core values to donate to outdoor-related non-profits around the country.

For more information, visit the website at or contact us at moc.liartleer|ofni#moc.liartleer|ofni.

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